Top Wedding Reception Ideas

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There are many ways to spice up your reception. Adding a Donut wall, customized ceramic tiles, and a Photo booth are just a few options. Read on to find out more. Consider these great options if you’re looking for more wedding reception ideas or you may check on wedding reception Newport KY! This article includes some of the most popular and fun options! We hope you enjoy them! If you’re unsure where to start, here are some tips to make your reception special.

Donut wall

If you’d like to add something fun to your reception, consider creating a donut wall. A donut wall is a fun decoration and serves as a dessert spread. These luscious confections make the perfect wedding dessert and decoration. Here’s how to make one:

Start with a donut wall that’s big enough to grab guests’ attention. This dessert wall is ideal for a wedding reception, as it doubles as a party decoration and dessert display. The color-coordinated donuts add to the overall effect, and the ombre color pattern is an excellent way to integrate wedding colors. This colorful display will draw guests’ eyes. It’s also a great way to save money on other wedding-related elements, including decorations and seating.

Terrarium centerpieces

There are a variety of terrarium centerpieces you can choose to decorate your wedding reception tables. You can choose the traditional variety that houses beautiful plants. Alternatively, you can choose a modern or vintage version and decorate them with flowers. This style can be paired with various other wedding elements and will still be an elegant centerpiece for your reception tables. If unsure what to include in your centerpiece, you can also incorporate calligraphy into your design.

Another option is a modern terrarium. These centerpieces look great in vases made of glass. However, if you do not want to use glass, you can choose a vase that isn’t made of glass. This will create a spilled-out effect that will add whimsy to your centerpieces. There are even clothes that can be transformed into terrariums with battery-powered lights.

Customized ceramic tiles

Handmade ceramic tiles are an elegant addition to your wedding reception tables. They make handsome keepsakes for guests and can be customized with a custom inscription on the back. You can choose a design representing your lasting commitment and relationship with your partner or pick a simple image. You can choose from a variety of glaze colors to suit your theme. You can also add a custom stamp for extra special touches.

Consider a checkered or black-and-white design if you’d like to engrave your dance floor. These classic designs can complement your colorful wedding theme, while the varied design will be a striking accent. Checkered floors are also budget-friendly and easy to rent. You can also add excitement to your reception with balloons. These can be scattered across the floor or draped with a single color.

Photo booths

If you’re planning a wedding reception and want to include photo booths, here are some tips to make sure that the photos turn out great. Guests may not want to pose for the cameras if they’re too young, or the equipment might not work right. If you’re having a wedding reception and don’t want to spend a fortune on photo booths, consider using the internet to find reviews of vendors.

Do-It-Yourself photo booths are easy to set up and operate, and many of them are equipped with social media sharing capabilities. These booths can even be set up to show live images of guests’ photos, which will be great for the reception video or slideshow. Guests will love seeing themselves on a big screen, making them want to participate even more. Photo booths at wedding receptions are a great way to engage the guests in a fun activity while enjoying the reception.

Outdoor games

Consider adding outdoor games if you want to make your wedding reception a more colorful event. You can find wide varieties, including lawn dice games like Yardzee. You can get personalized sets from places such as Bespoak. Another popular option is noughts and crosses. Each team needs a set of five or more sticks. Finally, if you’re short on space, you can buy beach balls and use them as game pieces.

Ladder golf is another lawn game that will make everyone happy. The ladder is made of three rungs, one high and two low. To win, a player must hit one of the three rungs. The higher the rung, the more points they get. The balls can be decorated with designs of wedding-related themes. Then, the teams must compete with one another. During the dancing portion of the reception, guests can play this game to keep themselves entertained.