Facts about Vaping

While Vaping can help one quit smoking, it is not risk-free. You need to learn everything about a vape before you start. 

In today’s article, we will talk about some facts of Vaping. 


Contain Nicotine

We all know that vape juice contains Nicotine among all the other ingredients and while the side effects are still unknown. Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance which can make someone a smoking addict. However, we can control the level of nicotine in the vape liquid and we can also purchase the e-liquid which does not have any nicotine in it, here. 


Not A Proven ‘Stop Smoking Method’

While we all are well aware that vape is very much used to reduce or even quit smoking and has been proven amazingly successful for many people. We cannot say that it is a medically proven method. It does help support the smoker and sometimes a smoker ends up becoming an addict of both traditional smoke and e-cigarettes. 


Not Limited for Smoking Quitters

Another fact about Vape is that it is not limited to those people who are trying to break their habit of smoking. Many young people like teens and young adults are drawn to utilizing vape rather than traditional smoke. 

Although Vaping isn’t as bad as smoking cigarettes, it is still something that is not healthy and long exposure to vaping might have side effects we aren’t even aware of. 


E-Smoking Devices

While high-quality and professionally made e-smoking devices aren’t as harmful as a traditional smoke, there is still a risk of teenagers using cheap and tacky vape pen and other e-cigarettes which will have severe negative effects on their health and very fast as badly used technology and not knowing how to inhale and exhale or the utilization of vape is wrong, is very dangerous. 



Just like cheap e-smoking devices can be hazardous to health, so can tacky made nicotine e-liquid.

Many non-professionals are in the line of making bad and disgusting and quite toxic vape juice which will leave an adverse effect on the consumer’s health. This is why the consumer should never purchase any e-cigarette or e-liquid from an unknown or untrustable site or place as they may cause harm which is irreversible. 


Another topic for today’s article would be the recent increase in people trying to make their vape juice. This is hazardous and dangerous on so many levels one cannot imagine. 

The whole concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) doesn’t apply to mix chemicals and substances whose properties one is not aware of for ingestion. Even a drop less or extra can create something which can cause life-threatening reactions. 

It is very terrible for people who do not know the uses and the reasons and the properties of all the chemicals used as the ingredients of Vape juice, to make something themselves. Neither should the information be taken from sites that aren’t trusted. 

Some work is better left for experts and shouldn’t be copied no matter what, because we simply aren’t aware of the reactions and results of our simple mistakes.