4 Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

It is easy to get caught up in the process of choosing your wedding décor and start going overboard. Take a deep breath and a step back. Stop worrying about what other people expect from your wedding reception.

Then ask yourself two questions. First, what do you want? Second, what can you afford? If you want an elaborate reception with all the fancy trimmings, and you can afford to make it happen, then by all means, that is what you should choose. However, if you’d prefer something more simple, then go with that. Rather than dwelling on what’s missing, your guests will probably admire your taste and creativity.

Here are some uncomplicated and inexpensive ideas for decorating your wedding reception.

1. Loose Fabric

For the tablecloths, you may want to go with linen rentals Oahu. However, you can also make table runners, draperies, and any number of creative decorations with just loose fabric from a craft store. Tulle and other sheer fabrics can be especially pretty.

2. White Christmas Lights

They aren’t just for the holiday season anymore. In fact, some people leave these lights up on their back porches all year just because they make a nice decoration. In Britain, this strings of sparkles are called fairy lights, and you can create a truly magical effect when you take a string of fairy lights and drape gauzy fabric over top of them.

3. Food as Decoration

You’re most likely going to be serving food at the reception anyway. If you arrange it in a creative fashion, it can do double duty as both decoration and nourishment.

4. Feathers

Flowers can be expensive. If you’re looking for attractive centerpieces, try making them with feathers instead. These are typically available from craft stores in the colors of your choice, and you can save money by buying in bulk.

Simple doesn’t have to be stark or emotionless. When it’s well done, a simple decorating scheme can be elegant and classy.